My Approach

I totally get it,

There are tons of photographers out there that can take a beautiful image, sometimes it is hard to tell what is different about them. Choosing a photographer for your day is a big deal, you want someone who can photograph your wedding beautifully and who has a style that meshes well with your own. For me, it is equally important to work with clients who are a great fit. I want to make sure that the way I document your day is everything you want and more and a huge part of that is making sure we are on the same page and you love my style!

So what is my style?

If I had to put my style into a box I would describe it as non-traditional documentary wedding photography, with a bit of editorial artsy weirdness thrown in. Being non-traditional doesn’t mean that I wont take family portraits or photograph your church wedding but it does mean that I am a better fit for couples that like to do things… a bit more out of the box.

When I go to photograph your day my main focus is documenting the story unobtrusively and honestly. I am sure you have been to weddings with the over zealous photographer. The crazy wedding party poses that go on forever, the cheesy posed couple photos, the constant staging or interrupting of the day. This is not me. I never want your wedding day to feel like a giant staged photo shoot. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about you guys, your love, your family and friends, and all the crazy joy and happiness that goes along with it. Not to say that I wont make suggestions for better lighting or help you figure out what to do with your hands during couple photos but I wont monopolize your time with silly staged photos or pose you in awkward ways that don’t represent you as a couple.

I want the natural images I capture to reflect the true essence of your day in a real, contemporary, and creative way. I want to capture your mom tearing up in the corner as you get into your dress. Your groomsmen goofing around as they struggle to tie bow ties. The laughs when you awkwardly try to cut a large cake with a blunt knife. That is what your wedding day is going to be all about. Real moments.

Because lets be honest. Things rarely go as planned and this definitely goes for weddings too. You might run late to your ceremony because your Uber gets lost. You might tear your pants bustin’ a move on the dance floor. You might forget your vows (or the rings) in your hotel room. You might ugly cry during your best friends speech. Its all possible but its all fine, because this is your freakin wedding day and these are the messy and beautiful moments that make it memorable.

When you look back on your photos thirty years from now you can damn well bet that those real moments are going to be the ones that bring back all the feels. I promise.